Where cheese makers still put their hands into the curd, where farmers bring the fresh milk to the dairy twice a day, where working days are long and distances are short, there where the hills start to rise, the winter lasts long and in the summer the meadows are scattered with all kind of herbs, where people still speak their own language which even Swiss struggle to understand – those are the places, where Mundig is seeking for the best and tasty cheese in Switzerland.

Together with our cheese making partners in Switzerland, we make sure that the top cheese specialties of Switzerland get to the world.

welcome to the world of taste

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Mundig is a Swiss Cheese-Wholesaler, specialized for the export of Switzerland farmhouse cheese. With an office in Switzerland and one in Germany, Mundig facilitates efficient customs clearance and shipping to Europe and worldwide. To establish a good and long lasting relationship with our partners all over the world, no travel is too long for Mundig. Mundig is small enough to find individual and customized solutions upon your needs. We work with efficiency and with passion for our products and the related service.

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