Head, heart and soul of Mundig is Konrad Heusser. With his extensive knowledge of the Swiss and the international cheese-business, he stands for the quality of products and services.


Mundig is a Swiss Cheese-Wholesaler, specialized for the export of Switzerland farmhouse cheese. With an office in Switzerland and one in Germany, Mundig facilitates efficient customs clearance and shipping to Europe and worldwide. To establish a good and long lasting relationship with our partners all over the world, no travel is too long for Mundig. Mundig is small enough to find individual and customized solutions upon your needs. We work with efficiency and with passion for our products and the related service.

Mundig acts as a go-between the Swiss producers and the consumer in your country. We guarantee that the selected cheese arrives in best quality straight from the dairy to your place. The cheese passes through the Mundig platform where it is packed and labeled according to your needs and your country’s regulations.

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All the Swiss cheesemakers Mundig works with are certified with a HACCP and carry an official Swiss dairy number.  Furthermore Mundig is certified for organic trading by IMO (Institute for market ecology)

Switzerland: IMO CH-BIO-004

Germany: IMO DE-OEKO-005


Simona is a real cheese connaisseur. Through her long lasting engagement in cheese, she is able to support Mundig in managing all the daily challenges.


The youngest member of the Mundig-Team, Lucas Heusser manages all the necessary IT challenges that Mundig faces.  Besides that, cheese is more and more becoming his real passion.


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